Terms & conditions

Collect 15M


Workcenter.es allows the upload of files in .PDF and .JPG formats informing by independent in each area the corresponding format for a correct impression or finish. File uploading is strictly prohibited in formats not allowed considering such a case as a violation of our legal conditions.

Uploading up to 64mb files is allowed in the formats indicated above, nevertheless in moments of great use of the site or slow connections by the user their upload may be limited.

The user guarantees that the files uploaded to our website are not protected, respect privacy and intellectual property rights or well there are no third party rights, or in the case of copyright, the requested print do not exceed on this last case 10 percent of the work in compliance with the Spain Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996 del 12 de Abril.

The production managers of your order verify by their means the number of pages of your files, the quality for printing it and compliance with the rules set forth above, in case of errors or breach of file rules we will contact you to facilitate a chord file or proceed according to our point of Guarantees and Returns.

The files uploaded and hosted by users with the 15M Delivery method are deleted within a period not exceeding 72 hours, exceeding this period and in case of claim or guarantee compliance by Workcenter.es we will request the uploaded file again to our server at the time of processing your order.


A deadline has been stipulated for delivery from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of order (at any of our Workcenters), counting from receipt of the proof of purchase at the centre, respecting its opening hours and always and when the file, photo, file or aaff provided is correct for printing.

If the order is made outside of opening hours, the minimum delivery time of 15 minutes from the opening hour of the center will be respected.

If the order is placed less than 15 minutes before the center closes, same-day delivery is not guaranteed.

We reserve the right to review delivery times for large orders and/or production peaks at the center or invalid or problem customer files.


Once the payment has been processed and the proof of purchase has been received, the nature of the order cannot be modified, this includes:

  • Modification of files or archives
  • Color, size and weight of the print
  • Number of prints, bindings, copies or sets
  • Type of binding, size and volume of the same
  • Delivery Center
  • Way to pay


In the event of any incidence of an order placed with the 15M Delivery method, you must contact the selected center at the time of the order.


You have 15 days from the delivery of your order to report incidents with it (breakages, printing errors, etc), the products offered in Workcenter.es are made exclusively or customized for each client, therefore no refunds will be made of them.
In case of origin defect in the products purchased we will proceed, as established in the regulations on guarantee of consumer goods for replacement or repair as appropriate.

In cases of cancellation of orders due to ignorance of our purchase conditions, final artwork, files, photos or images not suitable for printing provided at the time of purchase or later, the full amount will be refunded less 20% of the total order if The claim is made before 30 days for return management, after this period the amount of the order will not be refunded.

Once the order has been placed, given the short production period and exclusivity for each client, the amount of the order will not be refunded.


You can request the invoice for your online orders from the User Area or from our page invoice request.
The discount as a Student is exclusive for your NIF/NIE and will be issued on it, requests for invoices to other CIF or NIF will be denied.


In order to benefit from exclusive printing prices for Students and about the general rates of our centers you must register correctly in our online store and enter your NIF / NIE in the area corresponding to Students.
You must provide a document certifying studies showing your name, surnames and identification document number (NIF or NIE).
An exclusive online will be applied regarding our general rates. The prices displayed in our cart already include their corresponding discount and can be displayed at the time before payment.

Students Profile Expiration
We reserve the right to cancel access to the area to registrations prior to 4 years.


In order to benefit from exclusive printing conditions for Companies and about the general rates of our centers you must register correctly in our online store and enter your company data in the user area corresponding to Online Business Group.
The prices displayed in our cart already include their corresponding discount and can be displayed at the time before payment.

Company customer expiration
We reserve the right to deny or cancel any registration in this Group of Companies.


The prices shown on the entire website are exclusive for orders placed on Workcenter.es, not valid in Workcenter stores.


Minors are not allowed to purchase Workcenter products. Those under the age of 18 may only use the Workcenter Services under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


Workcenter SGD, SA is authorized to show or exhibit to third parties the products, documents or results of the provision of the services contracted by the client, previously eliminating any personal or identifying data, with the sole and exclusive purpose of informing in a concrete and reliable manner. about the characteristics and quality of the services provided.