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Our small format color printing articles: cards, invitations, congratulations or cards to use in your business or personally. We also make delivery in 24 Hours to any point on Spain or any of our stores in Madrid or Barcelona.

How effective are business cards?

Nowadays, there are a lot of discussions about the effectiveness of classic marketing strategies, comparing it with the reach of your company can have through social media. Yes, the virtual space is taking more and more spotlight because of the tools that offer in getting the attention of your target audience, but we still live in the real world where we need to communicate in old-fashion ways and where we can have tangible items that allow us to share information.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether business card are still an important material to consider developing a business strategy or not.

Picture this: You are in an exhibition, promoting your service or product. You decided to not print business cards. Instead, you’ve created a digital card. Potential client number one approaches. You speak about your company, the advantages of your product, your unique value proposition. Your client shows very interest in you and asks for a business card. And so client number two, and number ten…

In the business community, cards are still a must because:

  • It is your first and preferred contact method. Believe it or not, a client could consider establishing a business relationship from a card.
  • You can go further, and besides your contact information, look for a creative way of show your UPV in the cards. They could be an extension of your brand.
  • Aside from creativity in the design of your cards, high-quality printing and materials could affect the perception that customers have about your brand. In fact, only by having them always gives a sense of good preparation and professionalism.

What kinds of papers should I use for printing business cards? What is the best weight of paper?

We can offer the following kinds of paper for printing your business cards:

You can find a wide variety of special papers on the market. If any of our options do not adjust to your needs, please contact us. Take note that, depending on the paper or materials you ask, production times will be longer and quantities will be higher.

What are the dimensions of business cards?

The standard size for printing custom business cards is 8,5 x 5,5 cm. Another option is to printing them at 9 x 5 cm., but only through our 15 Minutes print & collect service.

If the measures of your design are not the same as the ones we offer, please write to to know and explore options or solutions.

What colors and finishings can I have for my business cards?

We usually use white paper for business cards, because it makes colors to pop. For printing, the color options could be infinite. You can design your cards without limitation, but you have to be sure to align your idea with your brand identity. Remember, yet, that with digital printing we can not work with Pantones or spot inks (gold, silver, fluorescent colors).

For the finishings, in our online printing services, you can find the ones listed below:

  • Matt or gloss laminate. This is a thin transparent plastic sheet or coating that provides protection against heavy use.
  • Rounded corners. You can add a distinctive touch to your business cards by asking for the die-cut of the corners–or one of them-.

Please, let us know if you need a finishing different to the ones available in our online printing services.

How do I create a custom business card? What information do I have to add?

Take note, when creating your business cards, that:

  • Style and format you wish (remember to review the options available on the market)
  • The data you want to show. Besides the name and company logo, write your personal info, like name, position, phone numbers and e-mail. We recommend displaying texts on one side of the cards and visual elements on the other side. Some also include social media info and QR codes. Is important to differentiate the information that brings value from the one that generates noise.
  • Your brand identity. The color palette, the fonts, etc.
  • The money you have in mind to invest in the printing.

Professionals should make the designing of the cards and it is imperative to use specialized tools, like Photoshop or InDesign. Even when they appear easy to create, cards shouldn’t be made with any software or app. Not only because of visual or aesthetic aspects of it but also because of technical specs. Original design, high-quality materials and printing could give your business cards a distinctive element that helps you to be on top of your customers mind.

There are a lot of free and very intuitive apps that help anybody to design different materials, with templates created by professionals. However, if you do not have time, you can ask us to design your custom business cards.

Besides business cards, what other materials can I have to round-up my marketing strategy?

Give your office spaces, points-of-sale or stands a differential touch that makes your business to stand out. Sings and banners printing, window decals, etc. Create a stimulating environment for you, your employees and clients:

Signs printing

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Photo printing

Enhance your business possibilities and deliver marketing campaigns with simple messages, but powerful:

Flyers and Folding Brochures

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Focus on the content for attracting customers and let us take care of handwork by printing your booklets, dossiers, presentations, and documents:

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Tired of ask for a design service that does not meet with the basic printing configurations? Request our graphic design services for any of your materials and save yourself an unpleasant experience when printing:

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