Printing Banners and Portable Displays

Get and hold people's interest quickly and effectively in your business without the usual high advertising costs with our range of portable displays or high-quality printing on our vinyl or banner banners. PVC advertising banners. Advertise your best products or services, promotions or extended hours and display them at high-traffic events like conferences, conventions and trade shows to draw attention to your booth. We emphasize that the printing of graphics on banners and displays is a unique and very durable job, a reusable element that can be used over and over again.

What types of banners can I choose?

In our online printing you can find 3 types of personalized tarps:

Frontlite Canvas

Vinyl canvas, opaque. Standard printed canvas made of plastic material of good grammage (510gr/m2) with high quality digital printing on 1 side. Valid for interiors and exteriors. This type of canvas is the one used in our roll up or xbanner portable displays.

Micro-perforated Canvas

Vinyl canvas made with 370gr/m2 PVC mesh, high quality digital printing on 1 side. Ideal canvas for outdoor advertising.

Textile Canvas

Canvas made with 400gr/m2 polyester fabric, 1-sided digital printing with a finish similar to that of a printed canvas. For use indoors.

All our banners are printed in a variety of standardized DIN sizes from SRA3 to A0 and B1-B2, they also allow sheathing and eyelets if you ask us.

What is the price of an advertising canvas?

Depending on the type of printed canvas, our prices for 1 SRA3 size canvas are as follows:

Frontlite personalized canvas €30.92.
Micro-perforated personalized canvas €29.71.
Personalized Textile Canvas €30.08.

Prices VAT and shipping included to any point in Spain. Check our purchase conditions for items with 24H Delivery.

How big is an advertising banner?

At Workcenter Online we have standardized sizes (DIN) for your PVC tarpaulins from SRA3 to A0 and B1-B2, however under budget we make custom printed tarpaulins with no width or length limit since the PVC tarpaulin material is hot melt, that is, we can join as many canvases as possible, maintaining a width of 1.5 meters (less overlaps and sheathing).

What are banners and what can they be used for?

Printed PVC tarpaulins are a printed advertising medium in the same way as Flyers, the difference is that they are used as a direct and very visual advertisement to impact the largest number of people, which is why they are usually used in places of passage or of a lot of influx as facades or shop windows, fairs, congresses, concentrations, outdoor events...

What material is the best for advertising banner printing?

Normally the best material not only for printing, but also for durability and maintenance since they are usually placed outdoors is PVC, always in the correct weight depending on the type of vinyl canvas.

How do I complement my advertising strategy?

We are specialists in marketing and advertising printing and we have different materials and supports for printed advertising both on our website and in our stores. Accompanying the purchase of an advertising display or advertising banners, you can expand your promo or advertising campaign with:


Personalized vinyls or stickers

Flyers and Folded Brochures

If you have an idea or do not have a design for your promotion, you have our online graphic design service.

For more help you can contact our customer service.


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