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Print & Bind Docs

Copies or printing of documents in Black and White and Color, you can also do mixed printing up to 33% example: If your file contains 9 pages, 6 can go in Black and White and 3 in color and vice versa..
You can select the most common paper sizes in A4 (folio) and A3 (double folio) printing and the thickness that best suits your work 80gr - 90/100gr - 160gr.
If you need your dossier to be bound, we offer you several options, the most economical staples, you can choose between 1 or 2 staples for documents from 2 to 30 sheets. Spiral Binding available in A4 and A3 size if your file is between 1 and 400 sheets you can choose the color of the spiral, the cover and the back cover in the most common colors. If you want a premium, more durable document finish ideal for presentations and end-of-year projects or thesis you have channel binding in 3 colors (blue, black and burgundy) and in two versions:

Flex Channel Binding

- Made in plastic, cheaper, transparent cover
- Available for files from 15 to 210 pages

Rigid Channel Binding

- Hard covers similar to a book
- Available for files from 15 to 280 pages

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Spiral binding

Posters & Paper Signs

Digital printing in large formats and in full color on a high-quality plotter, ideal for a few units.
We have a wide range of selectable sizes ranging from standart SRA3 or A3+ to A0 and common formats like B1 and B2, relative to paper 2 options available, common 170gr glossy paper for printing a poster with a quality superior to that of a Muppy Sign. For posters printing We use photographic paper in weights ranging from 190gr to 220gr depending on the size you select.

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Plotter de impresión de carteles

Business Cards

Probably the best way to get urgent business cards in Madrid or Barcelona. If you have a design and our printing options fit your needs, you can get your business cards in a few minutes, sending your file from this area and picking up your order at one of our stores in Madrid or Barcelona. What do we offer?
1 or 2-sided digital printing on 300-gram matte satin paper, a good quality standard card printing paper; in packs ranging from 100 to 1000 units and in the most common sizes EU size y US size (85x55mm y 90x50mm).
If your need is not so urgent, visit our section of Cards printing online Delivery 24H where you will find several ways to give a more unique and interesting finish to your business cards.

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Business cards

Print & Laminate

This is a print with a cold rolled finish, We print your file or document, it can be in Black and White or in Color to later place the print between 2 transparent adhesive plastic sheets in the case of normal lamination and transparent with opaque adhesive backing ready to stick on a smooth surface example: A crystal, in the case of laminated with adhesive.
The print sizes for urgent laminates they are usually the most common A4 and A3 in the most common weights 80, 90/100 y 160 grams, As a note, indicate that normal lamination can be done on 1 or 2-sided printing while the adhesive lamination only allows printing on 1 side.

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Printing And Laminating Docs

Shipping Labels

New product that meets the growing demand for printing shipping and returns labels in e-commerce.
It is a black and white 1-sided print on glossy paper (better quality than a simple standard print) on the adhesive front and back, the result is similar to that of a sticker. Available in 2 different sizes A4 or folio and A3 or double folio a good format for you to add more than one label in your file to later cut them.

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Adhesive Shipping Labels

Plans Printing

Black and White printing of sewing patterns to scale and in large format, It is a service that is less and less in demand, so it is not available in all our stores (check availability in the shopping cart). The sizes available are the usual ones for this product A2, A1 and A0 on 80 gram paper printed with high quality plotter machines. We print from 1 unit without limits with volume discount. El Plans Printing Service also available with Delivery 24H anywhere in mainland Spain.

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Express Plans Printing
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