Printing and laminating documents

Printing and laminating documents

Most common prints and copies

A4 and A3 color or black and white paper

Paper weights from 80gr, 90 / 100gr and 160g

Mixed B/W and color printing

No limits, from 1 copy

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Normal or adhesive A4/A3 plasticized

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From here you can create laminated printed sheets, including document printing either in color or black and white on one or both sides and in turn lamination the paper or document to provide protection to the product, rigidity, resistance to breakage, brightness, protection against moisture, grease and scratches.

There is no limit and you can do it from 1 unit, this service is offered with price escalation (more units lower unit cost) in addition we send it to you where you indicate us at any point of the peninsula 24H.

You can choose the type of printing (color or black and white), the size of the A4 (folio) or A3 (double folio) paper, as well as its weight depending on the type of printing:

Printing on black and white paper of 80 grams (normal paper) or 90/100 grams.

Color printing on 90/100 gram (normal paper) or 160 gram paper.

What weight to choose? the one that you consider can provide the rigidity, quality and perfect finish to what you want to print, for example, from this service you can print menu cards for a bar, if your menu has images the best option would be a color print on paper of 160 grams since sometimes a low grammage when laminating paper causes the sheet to bend.

Regarding the page format, you can print on 1 or 2 sides depending on how your file is laid out with the option of vertical or horizontal orientation, however, if your file is designed to be printed on 1 side, the lamination is done on both sides, it is that is, it covers both sides of the printed paper.

We offer two types of laminated finish, both made with the cold lamination technique:

Normal laminated

Classic paper lamination, 2 layers of a transparent adhesive sheet or film, one on the front and one on the back, cover the printed paper, leaving the content to be displayed on both sides available.

Laminated Adhesive

This type of paper lamination is similar to a bag in which the document is placed between two sheets, the first transparent so that the printed content can be seen, the second or back of this type of sheet has an adhesive to be placed on a wall, mural..., needless to say that it is an exclusive product for 1-sided archival printing.

Indicate that both ways of laminating paper is done using the cold laminating technique.

Lamination is the process of laminating paper, it is a finished type that is offered on the most common prints and whose objective is to increase the protection of the product. It is done by applying an adhesive sheet or adhesive film on one or both sides of the already printed paper (cold printing method).

There is another method of laminating that we call glazing or lamination to laminate paper, cardboard, cardboard or other plastic materials such as vinyl, which consists of the direct application of heat and pressure through the rubberized rollers of a laminator on a very light plastic sheet. which makes it literally merge with the already printed material, the final finish can be matte or gloss, among others, depending on the type of plastic used.

For a correct printing and finishing of your files, please follow the following steps in this guide.

File type allowed PDF (*.pdf), your file isn´t valid without this format.

Upload your file with the best quality you´ve, max file size 64mb.

Minimum resolution 150 DPI and real size file.

Fonts or texts must be converted to shapes and outlines, also check spelling errors in your work.

Don´t use masks or transparencies in this case, attach them, we won´t correct overprint settings.

Your final artwork, flat inks and Pantone be converted to CMYK, this can causes unexpected colors, saturation and brightness variations in printing.

Laminate docs

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