Printing Advertising Flyers and Folding Brochures

Basic printed articles in small format for the promotion and commercial communication of companies and small businesses, together with business cards are the most used. Our brochures are made by digital printing in small runs on matte or gloss couche paper of your choice.

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Faqs about Flyers & Folded brochures

When launching an advertising campaign, you have a variety of materials and communication formats that complement any action or strategy you implement on social media. A marketing classic is using folded leaflets or flyers, because they are an easy, cheap and effective way of reaching a wide range of people to capture your target audience's attention.

Once you have had established the goals of your campaign and the target audience, take a decision on the content you want to use on your custom leaflets and the layout which you want to work (size, finishing, if folded leaflets or plain ones). Summarize and outline the information, and prioritize the things that you consider the most important, so it will be the first thing to see. Choose clear and legible fonts. Complement your texts with images, pictures and graphic elements and be sure that they are in an optimum resolution. Don’t be afraid of blank spaces because they will help your clients getting your message with more clarity. Do not forget to include your contact info and a CTA, to bring your audience to the conversion you are looking for.

Another key point is to align the design of your leaflets or flyers with your brand or the identity of your company.

Designing your flyers requires specialized tools and design programs. This can be vital for guaranteeing a high quality in printing results. We recommend you ask for professional service with a wide knowledge of tech specifications needed when printing flyers.

If you do not have expert support or do not know how to use design tools, you can go to any of the free applications available online. There, you can find a wide variety of templates for you to adapt. These apps, usually, are friendly and intuitive. However, always make to confirm with your printing provider all the specifications to setting up the files correctly.

You can prevent wasting your time and money, and save headaches with the printing process, by asking us for both printing and design services. We will give you all the advice you need in designing and laying out your flyers, half-folded or tri-folded brochures. You will not have to worry about technical specs of your files.

We already gave you some clues about the content of your custom flyers or booklets. Here, we summarize them for you:

  • Define the information you want to give to reach your audience. This will depend on the KPIs of your marketing campaign. You can briefly describe your product, the benefits that your clients would get whether they decide to use them, a promotion, etc. Use short and direct phrases; employ punctual and simple messages. Avoid over-charging your clients with lots of information.
  • Prioritize the content with the must important one displayed so people can easily see it even when there is no paying full attention to it.
  • Balance the use of texts with graphic elements or images/photography. You can include pictures or illustrations of your products. Be certain that they are in high resolution, because this could influence in the perception of your brand.
  • Do not let “horror vacui” domains you and make room for blank spaces. Sometimes we think we have to communicate as much information as the paper let us, by using every inch. This could cause an illegible message with your client feeling overwhelmed by it.
  • Do not forget adding your contact info. It could be your e-mail, your address, your web or social media. You can also add a CTA to motivate your clients to make a specific movement.

Having a flyer or a leaflet is an opportunity for additional marketing for your products or services, or for promotional campaigns of your brand. With them, you can reach directly to your target audience at a relatively low cost and achieve settled goals, recognition and brand visibility at once.

With only a few steps, you can ask for the online printing of your custom flyer, with a very short production and delivery time. Cost includes shipping. You can get significant benefits and discounts if you sign up in our Online Business Group.

Should you have a design in mind with a format that does not fit with any of our available products, contact with us, and we will confirm the feasibility of your printing needs.

Rather than speaking of dimensions for printing flyers, why we do not talk of layouts?. The best would be the one that aligns with the goals of your campaign or expresses your message in a better way. Even when it is not a rule, we use smaller formats to one-off promotions, and bigger ones to announce your products or services, and the benefits of using your brand. Below, we enlist the most used formats in online printing and the paper size that applies to each of them:


A6 Flyers (10,5 x 14,8 cm)

A5 Flyers (14,8 x 21 cm)

DL Flyers (9,9 x 21 cm)

Folded leaflets:

A4 Half-fold brochures (29,7 x 21 cm) / Folded size A5 (21 x 14,5 cm)

A4 Tri-fold brochures (29,7 x 21 cm) /Folded size DL (9,9 x 21 cm)

To print flyers or leaflets, the most commonly used paper is the coated one, because of its fine texture and smoothness, reduced ink absorbency, vivid colors and excellent print quality.

Nowadays, there is a high demand for recycled paper, because each day, there are more and more companies that look for make lower environmental impact. Contact us to check out ecological papers availability and we will reply you with a quote and production times.

About options of weight, we recommend a 135 g paper (available option online.) However, you also can have your leaflets in 90 g (great for mail campaigns) or 160–250 g. if you are looking for a tiny run to make a one-off action (like and event or an exhibition) that will make you stand out among your competitors.

Before thinking about the minimum bleed for your document, let us explain what bleed is, and how to set it up.

The bleed is a space or a margin that you have to add to your layout when preparing it for printing. In digital printing, it is very common that displacements occur. This could mean slightly white borders when cutting the flyers/leaflets. The minimum recommended margin is 4 mm.

Also, include crop marks and make sure that texts and images go inside a safe zone to prevent trimming them. Below, you can find templates for each format to use them as guidance:

A6 flyers template

A5 flyers template

DL flyers template

Half fold brochures template

Tri fold brochures template

Finally, do not forget to save your layout with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi (when actual sized) and in CMYK, to avoid variations of color.

You can choose between a wide variety of materials and products for bringing your messages to your target audience, while using classic ways of print advertising.

We offer you very short delivery times and high-quality print. You can even contract our design services for any of the materials you need.

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