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We present our wide range of personalized printing on adhesive vinyl, ideal for decorating as decorative vinyl, advertising vinyl for shop windows or informing your business.

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Vinyl lettering

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Custom stickers

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Faqs about Vinyls & Stickers

We can use decorative vinyl at home to give a room some intimacy by placing it on the window panes, on the walls taking into account the adhesive capacity of the vinyl, on a part of a mirror, on a door whether it is wood or in a refrigerator...

It depends on the type of personalized vinyl, most of the printed vinyls are for temporary use and it is not recommended to use them beyond a duration of 3 months, a time greater than that of any advertising campaign. If you need a longer lasting vinyl you can resort to high grip vinyl , cut vinyl or electro static vinyl.

Most vinyl requires a smooth, clean, flaking-free surface if you are going to place it on a wall, however our multi-surface vinyl can be placed anywhere.

Our entire range of vinyl can be placed in shop windows, you must take into account if the use is going to be as decorative vinyl or advertising vinyl to choose the right product for the duration of your advertising.

To show the logo of a company you can use cut vinyl (if your logo is in a single color), a transparent vinyl if your company logo is in multicolor format or if you want to place it in multiple locations on a flat surface. the anagram of your company with a great printing quality you can use our vinyl stickers which are silhouetted.

At Workcenter we sell adhesive stickers or adhesive labels in sheets, the minimum quantity would be 100 units of the same design and the price would be €65.24 VAT and shipping included.

To get your vinyl stickers, just upload the final file or art of the graphic design to our website in .pdf format and choose the size of the pack or quantity you want. Our smallest pack is 100 units.

In our online printing house we have a wide catalog of personalized vinyls that covers the needs of this type of printing whether you have a small business, are part of a large company using them as advertising vinyls to carry out exclusive promotions or create a fun children's vinyl for decoration. of walls or glass in your house. Poster or basic adhesive vinyl Self-adhesive vinyl of great power but of temporary duration, recommended for flat or glass surfaces. Repositionable vinyl or micro suction cup vinyl Also known as easy-to-install vinyl, the non-printed or adhesive part of this type of vinyl has micro-suction cups, which are the ones that have the ability to stick. It has a good adhesion capacity and its duration is temporary, its main use, advertising posters or children's vinyl placed on windows or shop windows. Multi-Surface Vinyl Also known as high-quality, high-grip custom vinyl (experience is required to apply this type of vinyl). Great adhesion capacity on all types of surfaces. Its use is rather permanent, ideal for rough or smooth surfaces. Cutting vinyl High power vinyls of a single established color, either solid or translucent, although sometimes we can print the color. These personalized vinyls are cut with the shapes or letters that the clients provide us. They are the typical vinyls that we see composing, for example, the schedules on the doors of stores or logos. Micro-perforated vinyl Vinyl with very good adhesive power which has micro holes that allow you to see through it. High quality printing with back usually in black. They are used as advertising vinyl for exclusive use on glass. Clear vinyl Vinyl printed on transparent rectangular material (DIN standard sizes) for temporary use and with good adhesive capacity. Its use is similar to that of cut vinyl with the difference that this type of printed vinyl allows multicolor reaching where plotted vinyl does not. Electrostatic Vinyl Cataloged as vinyl due to the type of plastic material on which it is printed, although it does not contain adhesive, it adheres by means of static electricity. The use of these vinyls is temporary and exclusive on glass or shop windows. Vinyl Stickers or Stickers Imposition, printing and plotting on sheets of adhesive vinyl (not in reel) of creatives no larger than 10x10 centimeters in the shape you indicate. High quality adhesive material. Available from 100 units. The type of material and the printing of our personalized vinyls allow them to be cleaned with a damp cloth.