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Vinyl lettering

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File in .pdf format and maximum 64mb
  • done Self-adhesive plastic material
  • done 70 microns thick
  • done Wide range of colors available
  • done Valid for exterior or interior

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Same day shipping if you place your order in working days from Monday to Thursday before 2:00 p.m., remaining days will be shipped the next working day.

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For a correct printing and finishing of your files, please follow the following steps in this guide.

  • done File type allowed PDF (*.pdf), your file isn't valid without this format.
  • done Upload your file with the best quality you've, max file size 64mb.
  • done Minimum resolution 150 DPI and real size file.
  • done Fonts or texts must be converted to shapes and outlines, also check spelling errors in your work.
  • done Don´t use masks or transparencies in this case, attach them, we won't correct overprint settings.
  • done Your final artwork, flat inks and Pantone be converted to CMYK, this can causes unexpected colors, saturation and brightness variations in printing.

What is a vinyl lettering and what is it used for?

They are high-quality vinyls covered with a high-power self-adhesive film that can be solid or translucent colors and have a white base. These personalized vinyls are cut with the shapes or letters that the clients provide.

The most common use is to decorate shop windows or windows in commercial premises, since it is a high-quality material in which any type of vector illustration can be die-cut, allowing it to be used as decoration on smooth walls, decorations on separating partitions in offices or rooms. assembly or on vehicles.

If you have an idea to make a vinyl lettering, do not hesitate to contact us and we guarantee the highest possible quality at a reasonable price.

How is custom vinyl lettering made?

In order to print your cut vinyl on our website you must have the graphic design or final art of it in real size. Upload your file in .PDF format up to 64mb and you will be able to see the price with our basic preconfiguration (the most used by our clients) if the format does not suit your needs you can edit it and select another size, available A3, A2, A1 and A0 and if you want it with color or translucent and glued inside or outside.

Do you have any doubt? contact through our form customer service.

How much does a vinyl lettering cost?

Vinyl lettering prices are as follows:

A3 Color Vinyl Lettering from 25.51€

A3 Translucent Vinyl Lettering from 27.30€

A2 Color Vinyl Lettering from 33.03€

A2 Translucent Vinyl Lettering from 34.29€

A1 Color Vinyl Lettering from 42.35€

A1 Translucent Vinyl Lettering from 44.20€

A0 Color Vinyl Lettering from 70.42€

A0 Translucent Vinyl Lettering from 72.84€

If you belong to our group of companies you can enjoy special rates.

What are the delivery times for vinyl lettering?

At Workcenter, our delivery time for vinyl lettering that we have set in our 24-hour delivery system if you place your order on business days from Monday to Thursday before 2:00 p.m., the rest of the days will be sent the next business day.

You can check our purchase conditions from here.

What are the differences between custom vinyl lettering and printed vinyl?

The differences between vinyl lettering and printed vinyl are as follows:

The printed vinyl, as its name indicates, are printed and the vinyl lettering are not printed, they are personalized.

Printed vinyl has less quality than vinyl lettering.

Vinyl lettering has greater adhesion power than printed vinyl.

Printed vinyl allows for a wider variety of designs than vinyl lettering.

Printed vinyl has less tolerance to sunlight.

Advantages of adhesive vinyl lettering?

In this section we are going to show the advantages of vinyl lettering and they are the following:

They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It has a great resistance so it can withstand inclement weather and abrasive products (solvents or disinfectant alcohol).

They are easy to clean and maintain.

They are very good on flat and smooth surfaces.

What is the name of the vinyl lettring machine?

The machine used for the manufacture of vinyl is a cutting plotter, it is a machine very similar to a printer that is largely used to cut all kinds of designs.

What are the types of vinyl we have?

Do you want other vinyls that have not been cut vinyls? We offer you a wide range of high-quality vinyl prints so you can improve the image of your company and reach potential customers.

Adhesive poster

Transparent vinyl

Perforated vinyls

Repositionable AirFlow vinyl

Powerful multisurface vinyls

Electrostatic vinyls

No disponibles

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