electrostatic vinyls
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Electrostatic vinyls

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  • Electrostatic adhesive vinyl allows it to adhere to glass by means of static electricity
  • No accessory is needed to stick it on
  • The vinyl comes pre-loaded so it can adhere to the glass surface

Delivery 24H

Home delivery or pick up in-store in the following business day for orders placed before 14:00, provided that the day of placing the request and the day of delivery is not Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday (national or local); in that case, it should be delivered within next 48 working hours.

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  • File type allowed PDF (*.pdf), your file isn't valid without this format.
  • Upload your file with the best quality you've, max file size 64mb.
  • Minimum resolution 150 DPI and real size file.
  • Fonts or texts must be converted to shapes and outlines, also check spelling errors in your work.
  • Don´t use masks or transparencies in this case, attach them, we won't correct overprint settings.
  • Your final artwork, flat inks and Pantone be converted to CMYK, this can causes unexpected colors, saturation and brightness variations in printing.

Adhesive-free electrostatic vinyl allows it to stick to glass using static electricity. No accessory is required to stick it.

For its proper use it is very important that it is in direct contact with the glass. If there is some kind of intermediate element, the vinyl may very well not stay in place

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