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  • done Saddle-stitched binding (stapled on left edge)
  • done Digital printing on glossy paper of 90 or 160 gsm
  • done A3 size (A4 folding) and A4 (A5 folding)
  • done Available from 8 to 32 pages
  • done Packs from 10 to 300 units
  • done Custom grammage and laminated cover

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For a correct printing and finishing of your files, please follow the following steps in this guide.

  • done File type allowed PDF (*.pdf), your file isn't valid without this format.
  • done Upload your file with the best quality you've, max file size 64mb.
  • done Minimum resolution 150 DPI and real size file.
  • done Fonts or texts must be converted to shapes and outlines, also check spelling errors in your work.
  • done Don´t use masks or transparencies in this case, attach them, we won't correct overprint settings.
  • done Your final artwork, flat inks and Pantone be converted to CMYK, this can causes unexpected colors, saturation and brightness variations in printing.

The digital printing of stapled magazines in small runs is one of the most requested services by all types of companies in our stores and that you now have available in our Online Printing Shop with a wide range of customization.

It is common to create stapled magazines or small printed catalogs to publicize or expand the information that we cannot include or that does not have a place or place in other types of printed products such as brochures, business cards and business cards, or to print a catalog or catalogs. of printed and stapled products in which we show products with qualities and prices or services to customers.

They are also used as printed catalogs for internal use that require a better presentation such as manuals, regulations or price lists, which is why we consider them to be one of the most special marketing materials, requiring great dedication from the layout, the finishing of the printing, stapling and this is where we are specialists.

In our online printing house we have other printing services that include other types of binding with which you can also create your printed magazines or printed catalog, such as printing with spiral binding, staple binding or channel binding available with our Delivery services to 24-hour address or pick-up at our stores in 15 minutes.

What size to choose for a magazine?

In our online printing house we offer the most common sizes for printing stapled magazines:
Printed and stapled magazine A4 (210x297 millimeters) vertical closed, printing is done on A3 paper.
Printed and stapled magazine A5 (148x210 millimeters) vertical, the printing is done on A4 paper.

How big should a catalog be?

In order for the catalog printing to be carried out, certain considerations must be taken into account when laying it out:

Final size of printed magazines

The closed size of the magazines can be A4 (210x297 mm) or A5 (148x210 mm).

Online magazine print run size

With our online magazine printing service you can make from 10 to 300 units of the same magazine.

Size or number of pages of a magazine

The minimum number of pages allowed for a stapled binding is 8 pages including the cover, the maximum allowed for your printed magazines is 32 pages.

How is magazine printing?

There are several ways to print online magazines, we do them by digital printing, this type of printing achieves a top quality finish and in full color with similarity to the printed image, especially when our layout includes a large number of photos. This system is ideal for printing a small run produced exclusively for you or your company.

There is a wide variety of papers for printing, for magazine printing we use high quality coated or couché paper, ideal for this product both on covers and for the composition of the interior, ideal to accompany digital printing.

For the choice of paper weight for your stapled catalogue, we offer several configurations:

Covers printed on matt coated paper with a free choice of grammage available from 90 to 250 grams/m2 (soft cover or hard cover) and the option of a laminated cover in the highest grammage to give more quality to the set.

For the printing of the inner sheets we use two types of matt coated paper, the best options depending on the grammage, 90 grams/m2 the cheapest option or 160 grams/m2 premium option for this type of reproductions.

If you need a more special or personalized finish or more information on how to print personalized magazines, you can contact our customer service.

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