Acrylic photo print

Acrylic photo print

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Know more about Acrylic photo print

Direct printing on 5mm acrylic

Digital printing, professional quality, high resolution

UV resistant inks

Durable and moisture resistant surface, ideal for outdoors

Light, rigid and stable material

Simple, elegant and modern finish

Includes aluminum frame for hanging

A photo printed on acrylic consists of a digital print made directly on a layer of plastic material or 5mm ultra-transparent glossy acrylic plate of the highest quality that draws attention thanks to its polished edges. On the back or acrylic base, it has an aluminum support to give it greater stability when hanging the printed photo in a personalized frame.

Its physical properties, its great resistance and its bright colors make the photo on methacrylate a highly recommended option to turn your photographic gifts into works of art.

Photos on methacrylate allow you to take advantage of the versatility of an acrylic finish similar in transparency and brightness to that of mineral glass, making it the perfect rigid support for decorating walls at home or in public spaces.

Thanks to its spectacular gloss and translucent finish, your images will have a spectacular depth effect and impressive vivid colors.

If you want to decorate your home in the most modern and elegant way, create your own personalized paintings with your best photographs, images or designs. You will beautify your walls uniquely and exclusively. Printing photos in acrylic has never been so easy, upload your image in .JPG, .JPEG and place your order online.

The first thing to order your photo in methacrylate frame or methacrylate printing, what you have to do is upload a file in .JPEG or .JPG format and you can select our different standard formats (30 x 40 cm, 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cms), and if you don't have a design, don't worry! You can request the editing service in which our team of graphic design and photo retouching professionals will modify the design or image you need for you, according to your specifications.

Our formats for printing photos on acrylic frames and their respective prices are as follows:

30 x 40 cm photo in a Plexiglas frame from 49.95€*

50 x 70 cm photo in a Plexiglas frame from 99.95€*

70 x 100 cm photo in a Plexiglas frame from 169.95€*

* VAT included

At Workcenter, our delivery times are with standard 72-hour home delivery or store pick-up as long as the day of placing the order and the day of delivery is not Saturday, Sunday or a holiday (national or local), in which case the delivery date will be extended. within 1 business day.

The best resolution to print our photos on methacrylate is 150 dpi, it is a good value to start with, although 100 dpi can also be used, which is also a recommended value when printing. And the size of the image has to be a real size, that is, if you want to make a photographic print on methacrylate of 30 x 40 cm, your image must have the same size or be proportionally larger. Normally, the more dpi the image has, the better quality the printed image will have to be printed.

Acrylic glass is a high quality translucent printing material that is highly resistant to shock, humidity and ultraviolet rays, the perfect substitute for mineral glass. This type of resistant material can also be called plexiglass and is used very often because it produces a unique depth effect in photographic printing. The acrylic prints finally stand out for their intense colors with an incredible brightness.

For a correct printing and finishing of your photos, please follow the following steps in this guide.

File type allowed JPG (*.jpg), your file isn´t valid without this format.

Upload your file with the best quality you´ve, max file size 25mb.

Images taken from internet or social media photos (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp...), isn´t valid.

Your image or photo must be the actual size you want to print. For photo canvas your image has 4 centimeters more on each side.

If your image or photo has RGB color mode will be converted to CMYK, this can causes unexpected colors, saturation and brightness variations in printing.

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