Thesis & dissertation printing

Thesis & dissertation printing

Economic, standard, or premium thesis

Black and white A4 printing

120 sheets / 240 pages included

Perfect-bound cover, hard-cover binding or hard-back stamped

Laminated finish, matt or high gloss

Know more about Thesis print & bind

Entrust us with the realization of your final degree or degree project, every year we carry out the preparation of hundreds of them.

We put at your disposal the configuration of your custom project, color or black and white printing and the most common forms of binding for you to choose from, from the most elegant hand-lined in leather or guaflex on 3-millimeter cardboard, to the Simpler and similar to a full color paperback textbook with a choice of free matte or gloss lamination.

Our experience in printing allows maximum quality finishes by selecting the ideal type of paper for printing your work (couche or offset in different weights) depending on the volume and binding.

Take advantage of a delivery time of 5 business days when writing your doctoral thesis online, both for shipments to any place on the peninsula or for collection at any of our centers located in Madrid and Barcelona.

We have 3 binding types:

Rustic thesis binding printed and laminated soft cover 48.04€.

Rustic printed hard cover thesis binding 74.66€.

Thesis binding with lined and stamped hard cover 115.19€.

Includes black and white printing on high-quality paper for 120 double-sided sheets or 240 impressions.

If you want a cheaper but elegant and very valid type of printing and binding to be presented, we have channel binding, you can configure your work with this type of binding from our printing area with Store Pickup in 15 Minutes or if you want us to Let's send copies of documents to your home or residence from our page, print and bind in the 24H copy shop area and posters.

You can calculate the price on our website of the budget to print and bind doctoral thesis, final year project, TFM, TFG from 1 copy.

The Thesis printing process is fast and practically automatic. Do not worry about the types of paper since it depends on your printing configuration and type of binding. However, the binding process of each copy or volume is carried out practically by hand. , we have set a delivery time of 5 working days, not including holidays or weekends, regardless of the number of volumes or sets you wish to print.

With rustic binding, the printing of the cover is automatic and the binding is glued by hand with a final finish similar to that of a textbook. The hardcover binding process lined with metal stamping is more complex, it is done by lining and gluing by hand a rigid cardboard with leather-like material, the composition of the book, so to speak, is made by dividing and gluing the printed sheets in groups for later sew them and attach them to the already lined cover. The process is completed with the manual creation and exclusively for your Thesis of the stamping stamp that includes the title and logo of your University or School and the stamping itself.

At Workcenter Online we have several methods of binding jobs, notes or documents, the simplest such as spiral binding or rigid or soft channel binding, you can find them by configuring your files from the document printing area with urgent collection in our Workcenter stores (Delivery 15 Minutes), this same service is available with home delivery 24H from our online document printing and binding page.

For a special finish such as presentations of end-of-course projects such as Doctoral Theses, TFG, TFM, we have 3 different binding finishes:

Rustic binding printed and laminated soft cover.

Rustic printed hardcover binding.

Hardcover binding lined in leather and stamping of title and shield or logo in metallic color.

The binding or finishing of the end-of-degree projects or thesis is of personal opinion unless exclusively requested by the Study Center or University on a finish in question, however, if we want a classic finish that lasts over time, that stands out and the which will be used on rare occasions we recommend a binding with a stamped hardcover cover. If we want a finish similar to that of a textbook with more usability, we will resort to the paperback binding, if the copy or volume is going to be used a lot, we always recommend the printed softcover since this type of binding includes the lamination of The cover.

Remember that regardless of the thesis printing and the type of binding, our delivery time is 5 working days.

Our experience tells us that despite being professionals in the graphic world and using professional layout tools on a day-to-day basis and requesting files in .pdf format, the designs of our clients' texts are made with tools such as Word, for which we We indicate the following recommendations when laying out or designing your end-of-course project:

  • A4 page configuration (210x297 millimeters).
  • Decide if the printing of your work is going to be done on 1 or 2 sides.
  • If your thesis is printed on 1 side you will have to take into account that the margin that is going to be glued to the binding must be higher.
  • If your thesis is printed on 2 sides, we recommend symmetrical margins both inside and outside, with titles and footnotes and centered numbering.

For a correct printing and finishing of your files, please follow the following steps in this guide.

File type allowed PDF (*.pdf), your file isn´t valid without this format.

Upload your file with the best quality you´ve, max file size 64mb.

Minimum resolution 150 DPI and real size file.

Fonts or texts must be converted to shapes and outlines, also check spelling errors in your work.

Don´t use masks or transparencies in this case, attach them, we won´t correct overprint settings.

Your final artwork, flat inks and Pantone be converted to CMYK, this can causes unexpected colors, saturation and brightness variations in printing.

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