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Printing Articles along with their most common final finishes in Workcenter, Color or Black and White photocopies, laminated, stapled magazines or catalogs, printing of plans, doctoral theses. All these printing articles are produced to be delivered in 24 hours at home anywhere in Spain.

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Copies & binding

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Print & laminated

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Thesis print & bind

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Booklets printing

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Vinyls & Stickers

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Faqs about Copy shop 24h

A copy shop is where you can go to make copies or printing documents. Therefore, we can infer that people can photocopy whatever they want in different materials, paper the most common one. However, currently we can say that this term has gained a wider definition and can be applied to any establishment that offers printing services.

Below, we detail the materials you can order on our online printing service, from a digital file and with a delivery time of 24/48 hours (depending on the product and the moment you make your purchase. We recommend you checking our terms of service and delivery time of the product you need):

Document copying and binding:

  • In color or black & white
  • A4 and A3 sizes
  • 80, 90/100 g (B&W) y 90/100, 160 g (color)
  • Single sided or double sided
  • Stapled (1 or 2 staples); spiral binding (metallic spiral covered in black or white plastic) or channel binding (hard or soft cover).

For another printing configuration (different sizes, weight of paper or different type of binding), contact us.

Laminated documents:

  • In color or black & white
  • A4 and A3 sizes
  • 80, 90/100 g (B&W) y 90/100, 160 g (color)
  • Standard or adhesive lamination

Blueprint printing:

  • Black&white
  • A2 (59,4 x 42 cm), A1 (84 x 59,4 cm), A0 (118,9 x 84 cm)

For printing blueprints in different sizes, or in color, contact us.

Thesis printing:

  • In color and/or in B&W
  • Perfect paperback binding (matt or glossy laminate)
  • Perfect hardcover binding (with customized cover and optimum finishing)
  • Perfect hardcover binding (black, green, blue or red cover) with stamping (bronze, silver or gold)

Booklets and catalogues (digital printing):

  • Printing sizes: A3 (folded size A4) and A4 (folded size A5)
  • Runs from 10 to 300 units
  • 8 to 32 pages (number of pages must be multiple of 4)
  • 90 or 160 g (for inside pages) / 90, 160, 250 or 250 g laminated (for covers)

Contact us in case the setup of your booklets differs from the options offered online.

Custom folders:

  • Open size SRA3 (32 x 45 cm). With a capacity of 50 A4 pages, 80g, or 25 A4 pages, 80 g if you purchase flapped folders
  • Couche paper (matt finishing), 300 g. You can ask for the matt or gloss lamination.
  • Available with or without flap (not printed flap)
  • Short runs, starting from 1 unit

Signs printing:

Printing of signs and advertising posters, in high quality. A large array of products, proper for inside and outside, according to the chosen material.

  • Foam board sign with standard dimensions from SRA3, up to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm). You have the option to ask for matt or gloss laminate and for a black aluminum frame. High-quality printing on 170 g paper mounted in 10 mm foam board. Not suitable for exteriors.
  • Muppy sign printed in a 135 g Muppy paper and single sided, on standard dimensions that go from SRA3 (45 x 32 cm), up to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm). Not suitable for exteriors.
  • Magnetic signs printed at high quality. Resistant and flexible material, available in these sizes: 20 x 30, 30 x 40, 50 x 70 y 60 x 90 cm. You can use them whether for inside or outside.
  • Forex PVC signs, at your disposal in the following dimensions: A3 (29,7 x 42 cm), B2 (50 x 70 cm) and B1 (70 x 100 cm). With humidity resistance, this material is perfect for exteriors.
  • Acrylic sign one-sided direct-printing in color, on 5 mm acrylic boards. You have the option to exhibit your acrylic sign in outdoor, as well as indoor, depending on your needs. You can choose between 3 standard sizes: A3 (29,7 x 42 cm), B2 (50 x 70 cm) and B1 (70 x 100 cm).
  • Aluminum signs printed in high resolution, in color and on one side, in a 5 mm aluminum board, with UV resistant inks. You’ll have an optimum finishing with high durability and resistance to use it in both indoors and outdoors. About dimensions, we can offer the following standard sizes: A4 (29,7 x 21 cm), A3 (29,7 x 42 cm), B2 (50 x 70 cm) and B1 (70 x 100 cm).
  • Fabric banners one-sided printed in 400 g synthetic polyester, and in color. This material, even thought is only valid for use it in interiors, is perfect for events where you have to travel, as it is very easy to carry. You have different standard sizes starting at SRA3 (45 x 32 cm), up to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm).
  • Back-light banners. You can have this banner printed in 295 g. synthetic polyester and has a high resistance to water and heat. You can ask in sizes that go from SRA3 (45 x 32 cm), up to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm). These materials are used only for signs to be exhibited in light boxes.

Custom window decals, vinyl banners and stickers printing:

Another ones of the featured products in the online printing of Workcenter are vinyl decals and custom stickers, an easy and straight way to deliver your messages or special promotions in your POS or for creating unique spaces for your employees and customers.

  • Vinyl lettering to convert your walls or window shops in an additional media for promoting your marketing strategies. You can order the cutting of logos, simple visual elements or texts in one color vinyl (you have a wide range of colors to choose between them) or in translucent vinyl. To attach to crystal or glass (from the inside, for your window shops) or for smooth surfaces (outside application) like walls, doors, notebooks or any other firm surface. The vinyl lettering is good for both interiors and exteriors, and you can ask for standard sizes from A3 (42 x 29,7 cm) up to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm). We recommend you, when purchasing your order, to upload the files as we suggest on the set up tab, on the product page.
  • Custom stickers . Show your brand values and give your products that “wow” effect by printing custom stickers with any form you want. We offer runs from 100 to 500 pieces and the size is up to 10 x 10 cm, maximum. We hand over the stickers in sheets and print them in full color, with prime quality, in opaque vinyl.
  • Adhesive poster printed in high quality, in vinyl with matt or gloss finishing. It is perfect for time-limited targeted actions. You can choose the size according to your needs, but in the standard sizes we can offer. These go from SRA3 (45 x 32 cm) up to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm).
  • Airflow vinyls is what you need when the installation of the vinyl worries you, when a limited- time action. Thanks to an air bubble pattern and micro suction cups, this material is very easy to take off and repositioning. Sizes from SRA3 (45 x 32 cm) to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm).
  • Clear (transparent) vinyls printed in high quality and with white opaque background for the colors of your artwork to stand out. Application for this type of vinyls is the same as for the lettering vinyls. The difference is that we use only one color (or translucent) vinyl for cutting out texts, logos or figures you want, whether with transparent vinyls we do the printing and allow the use of many colors. It is perfect for window shops inside or outside application. Choose the preferred option between the standard sizes: from SRA3: 45 x 32 cm, to A0: 118,9 x 84 cm).
  • Multi-surface vinyls with high-quality printing. The high grip of the adhesive allows you to exhibit your campaigns in any kind of irregular or porous surface, such as brick walls, stone, etc. Suitable for use it indoor or outdoor. We work with standard size, being SRA3 (45 x 32 cm), the minimum and A0 (118,9 x 84 cm) the maximum.
  • Perforated vinyls that offer you a double function: Using your crystals or window shops to enhance your sales or your brand image, without blocking up light entrance (thanks to the micro perforations pattern); give privacy or intimacy sensation to your spaces. Sizes vary from SRA3 (45 x 32 cm) to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm).
  • Electrostatic vinyls , perfect for your short-period campaigns, it allows you to take them on and off several times, without residuals of glue sticking to the surface and avoiding mistakes when installing. It’s only for smooth surfaces like crystal, plastic or acrylic and it adheres thanks to the electric static. We offer standard sizes that go from SRA3 (45 x 32 cm) up to A0 (118,9 x 84 cm).

If you need any product of our copy shop online section with different measures than the standards offered, please write to our Customer Service contact section.

You also can access our online fast printing service (15 minutes–2 hours) with store pickup. There, you can ask for printing and binding or printing and laminating of files, the printing of posters, standard business cards, blueprints and shipping labels (vinyls, decals and signals in hard supports are not available for the fast printing).

At Workcenter, we can offer you digital printing of a wide range of products. The cost of them depends on the type of paper (we have a variety of paper), materials, sizes, etc.

Besides, our prices for printings changes whether the quantity of copies increase or decrease as we have high volume printing discount.

We invite you to click on the product you want, upload your file and set up the printing according to your needs. That way you can have an immediate calculation of the cost for your printings.

If any of the products we offer online do not adjust to what you have in mind, you can go directly to any of our stores in Madrid or Barcelona or contact us through the customer service contact area. You Will receive a call or a message from any of our business advisors.

We have a standard shipping for most of our products, and it takes 24/48 business hours, depending on certain details, listed below:

  • For orders made from Monday to Thursday, before 2 pm, shipping is between 9 am and 7 pm, on the following working day.
  • For orders made from Monday to Thursday, after 2 pm, shipping is between 9 am and 7 pm, two days after the purchase.
  • For orders made on Friday, before 2 pm, delivery is next Monday, unless it is a holiday (in that case, materials will arrive the next business day).
  • For orders made on Friday, after 2 pm, weekends or holidays, delivery will be in 48 business hours starting the next working day.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not count as working days, even when some of our stores are open and offering services. The Courier does not make shipping those days.
  • Delivery terms of our copy shop section apply to orders with shipping to any delivery address, as well as orders with collection in any of our stores.
  • Printing in hard materials, as aluminum, Forex (PVC) and acrylic, have a delivery time of 72 business hours.
  • Printing and binding of thesis (perfect binding) have a delivery time of 5 working days.
  • For order of design services, de delivery term starts at the moment we receive confirmation that you approved the proposed layout.
  • If you upload a file when placing your order with an incorrect setup (wrong dimensions, low resolution or quality), delivery terms will start at the moment we receive and confirm the reception of the new files with the correct configuration.

If you need urgent printing and binding, posters or signs (in paper), lamination, etc, yo can ask for our 15 minutes print collect service. You will have to pickup your materials, already printed, in 15 minutes, to two hours (depending on the amount of work and orders in the selected store and the specific materials you order)

We can offer a wide catalog of printing products to enhance the marketing strategy of your business. Signs for advertisement, flyers and leaflets printing, customize stickers or business gifts with very high printing quality are a few of the many materials you can ask us to produce. Whatever your product is, whatever you imagine, we are confident that we can give you the best solution:


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