WBS Outsourced Production Solution

Workcenter manages the communication material needs for VIPS Group establishments

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The VIPS group It is one of the leaders of the restoration and commerce sector in Spain. With 6 chains and 3 high level restaurant and an own food factory, It has more than 350 establishments in more than 20 Spanish provinces and in Portugal and a team of 8,700 employees.

Workcenter is the reprography provider of VIPS group for more than 10 years. Our production is mainly focused on materials for the points of sale of the different trademark, bound for both own and franchised centers.

Workcenter has adapted its procedures to the needs of the Group:

It is produced interchangeably for own centers and the franchises of the different trademark, with a communication channel for receiving very open requests: users can request their work (i) to the assigned Account Director, production expert and customer support and in the requirements of VIPS group, (ii) to a specific job request inbox for VIPS group, or (iii) directly to our network of Workcenter centers.

Transparent to the user, Workcenter search requests to optimize processes, assure the quality and the level of services required.

The production, as well, adapts to the needs of the Group: generally centralized in the Workcenter Production Center,when required, it is produced at destination with service monitoring by quality managers and account management.

Workcenter manages logistics with daily deliveries both to a distribution center and to the final points of sale. Monthly, The client receives the report according to their needs for the control and the allocation of expenditure between different corporates and group divisions.

A totally flexible solution and scalable for the retail environment: optimizes processes for customers with high capillarity and with mix of own centers and franchisees.