Printing Consulting
Distributed Printing Solution + Outsourced Printing

The Workcenter Printing Consultancy offered the EULEN Group the keys to tender an optimal printing solution with significant cost savings

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The Grupo EULEN a national leader in the provision of general services to companies and a specialist in Facility Services & Management activities, social health services, comprehensive maintenance, temporary work and the environment.

With nearly 100 locations throughout Spain, the Group did not have an optimized printing solution for its more than 2,000 users, nor information on their actual needs and expenses.

The Printing Consulting project developed by Workcenter offered Grupo EULEN a diagnosis of its real situation and the keys to focus the tender for the service. Thanks to this analysis, Grupo EULEN was able to encrypt its expectation of savings and operational improvements in order to request proposals from providers of printing solutions for the renovation of its fleet.

Following the Printing Consulting project, Workcenter was awarded the contract for the provision of a Mixed Printing Service that combines distributed printing at its headquarters with outsourced printing to the Workcenter network of centers.

The Workcenter Mixed Printing Service combines distributed production at the Group's headquarters with outsourcing of large volumes and special reprographic and offset production jobs to the network of Workcenter centers. With an approved park suitable to the needs of the Group both by types of production (volumes, color, types of paper, digitization ...) and by types of needs (physical distribution of volumes and users, mobile printing, ...)

Workcenter implemented a Distributed Printing solution with a significant optimization of the fleet of devices. The monitoring, management and accounting systems, together with the dedicated Helpdesk integrated with its CAU, have allowed Grupo EULEN to ensure the quality of service and availability with a significant reduction in spending.

The network of Workcenter centers caters to the outsourcing needs of users. In this way, the catalog of available services is expanded and the balance of large-volume production is optimized, with specific protocols that guarantee quality and confidentiality.