Centralized Printing Solution + Externalized Printing

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Madrid´s Underground is a public company integrated in the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid, and its main functions are the operation of the lines of the Underground network in operation, the planning and improvement of the quality of the transport service and the maintenance and optimization of the facilities of the Madrid underground network.

In 2014 Underground´s Madrid decided to outsource, its Integral Printing Service within Facility Management tender that included other services. railway was awarded for the Facility Management service y trusted XEROX and WORKCENTER to provide the Integral Printing Service.

The XEROX-WORKCENTER offer combines the Distributed Printing Service at the different end customer offices with a Centralized Printing Service at the headquarters of Underground. This is completed, also , with the entire WORKCENTER service portfolio: other finishes / bound, posters, plans, large format finishes, offset production,… The WORKCENTER service is the most scalable in production options, volumes, emergency coverage. In addition, we extend the hours of attention and production to 24 hours x 365 days a year without major cost for the client.

A proposal that allows you to optimize the investment and provide the service with the greatest flexibility, with the lowest fixed costs.